Tuition & Finances

Program App. Fee Tuition Material Reg. Fee
Law Study - J.D. $25.00 $2,850.00 *1 ($237.50 a month) $825.00 - $1,325.00 *2 $100.00

*1 Cost per year
*2 Estimated cost per year for textbooks/materials
NOTE: All fees quoted are in U.S. dollars and subject to increase as necessary.

Our Motto: "Quality, Opportunity, Affordability"

Annual Tuition:                                                                             $2,850.00
Tuition for the Entire Juris Doctorate Degree Program:   $11,400.00

Keep it Lowered and Locked - Apply Now for Fellowship Tuition Reduction

The above-quoted yearly rate of tuition ($2,850.00) for the J.D. degree program shall be available to those who submit an application for enrollment on or before September 30, 2020 and complete the enrollment process within 30 days from the date of enrollment approval.

The current rate of tuition is a reduction from a yearly rate of $3,650.00. The reduction was initiated for new enrollees in celebration of a milestone in the long history (now over 38 years) of the school’s continuation of Juris Doctor degree granting authority. This occurred following a regular process that involved verification of the School's compliance with standards related to integrity, financial stability, assessment of student achievement, educational quality and much more.

It was decided then that the reduced rate of tuition would not last forever but should continue so long as it is sustainable. A decision as to whether or not to continue the reduction in tuition will be made at the end of the month.

For those who submit an application now and complete the enrollment process within 30 days from the date of the application’s approval, the tuition rate will be "locked-in" at the reduced amount on the date of enrollment, and will continue at that rate for the entire length of the program, until degree completion, if completed on schedule.

Click here: To Apply Now For Enrollment at $2,850 (reduced from a yearly tuition rate of $3,650)

The school may not offer reduced and "locked-in" tuition to those who apply after the end of the month, or to offer it again at any time in the future.

Top Quality and Value

"I'm writing to convey how positive my experience has been at NWCU and how impressed I am with the overall organization and structure of the program.

"I was enrolled at another online law school for a short time, but was dissatisfied with their program and decided to discontinue my studies there. My purpose in writing to you today is to convey how delighted I am with NWCU School of Law. The office personnel are courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive; the law study program is well structured; the educational goals are clearly established; and the professor-led online discussions are enjoyable and helpful, in addition to being oriented toward program objectives.

"As a professional educator, I appreciate the great deal of attention and thought invested in creating learning experiences for students that will facilitate their success. I'm very much looking forward to the next four years." - Tom S. Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools


"I graduated from NWCU and only 10 months later was employed as a Deputy District Attorney. Please let me take this opportunity to tell you that your program is great. It worked extremely well for me and gave me the opportunity to pursue my goals in a manner I enjoyed." - Paula T.


"I was proud to tell the representative from the State Bar that I had graduated from NWCU when I was sworn in last week. I thank you all at the school. I could not have done it without you." - Mark H.


"I have never had the experience of such an efficient educational system in all my many years of school! Truly Amazing." – E. M.D.


"I had a goal to become a lawyer and be debt free. NWCU helped me make my dream come true." - Anna G.


"I've been with NWCU as a student for 2 years now. I am a University Professor and hold high standards for education, professor communication and administrative support. NWCU Professors are easily accessible and are clear in their responses. There is always guidance from them when needed or requested. If you are a directed learner, you may employ your own learning strategy as well and find success and support. Also, the staff members in the front office are incredibly accessible and the administrators are very helpful. Overall I am very satisfied. Tuition is a bargain and the professor guidance and legal education support are very impressive." - R.H., Ph.D.


“My NWCU education has been hugely beneficial to my career & life. It has radically changed my perspective and ability to evaluate and analyze EVERYTHING!!! --- I am so grateful that NWCU provided me with the opportunity to make this amazing change in my life.” – Mike B.


"NWCU is not first-rate because it is old; it is old because it is first-rate." - Dean Clancey

Financial Assistance

The school offers a payment plan in which students pay their annual tuition fee in twelve equal monthly installments. There is a $100 payment plan administrative fee.

Student Loans

Northwestern California University does not participate in federal or state financial aid programs, or any other loan programs.

Refund Policy

The student shall be refunded all tuition paid by the student upon written application for cancellation of an enrollment agreement delivered to the school either in person or by mail within seven (7) days after student is first given access to the online course site and material.

A later cancellation by a student who has been enrolled for 60 percent or less of a year shall result in a pro-rated refund of tuition based upon the length of time that the student has been enrolled. The enrollment period is counted from the date of initial enrollment to the date of withdrawal.

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