You must purchase and use books and materials listed on this webpage for the courses in which you are currently enrolled. It is highly recommended that for each you buy the most recent edition. The purchase and use of older editions is, however, not expressly prohibited. Those who buy an older edition must be aware that there could be significant changes that were made for the publication of the newer edition. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the newest edition of a law school book to have only a few, relatively non-material changes when compared to a somewhat recent older edition. You can determine which publications are the most recent and obtain information about the age of the older publications by checking websites of publishers and bookstores on the Internet.

1st Year Book List

Home Study Baby Bar Review

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
NAFleming's Fundamentals of LawHome Study Baby Bar Review (Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law)Fleming'sClick Here

Introduction to Law & Legal Writing

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
NACastagnolaWords Don't Fall Into A Question By AccidentCastagnolaPublisher Or Amazon
NACastagnolaA Lawyer Is Really a TeacherCastagnolaPublisher Or Amazon
9781539229759GarnerBlack's Law DictionaryWest AcademicPublisher Or Amazon
9780692400197Editors of Columbia Law ReviewThe Bluebook: A Uniform System of CitationHarvard Law Review AssociationPublisher


ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
9781543801477Knapp, Crystal, PrinceProblems in Contract Law: Cases and MaterialsWolters KluwerPublisher Or Amazon 
9780159007761EisenbergGilbert Law Summaries: ContractsWest Academic
Publisher Or Amazon


Criminal Law

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
9781683285144LaFaveLaFave’s Modern Criminal Law: Cases, Comments and QuestionsWest AcademicPublisher Or Amazon
9781634593854DixGilbert Law Summaries: Criminal LawWest AcademicPublisher Or Amazon



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherGo To
978-1609304072Schwartz, Kelly, PartlettTorts: Cases and MaterialsFoundation PressClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314181145Franklin, Cardi, GreenGilbert Law Summaries: TortsGilbertClick Here Or Click Here


2nd Year Book List


Agency & Partnership

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0882775982Conrad, Knauss, SiegelAgency, Associations, Employment and PartnershipsFoundation PressClick Here Or Click Here
978-1628100204ConviserGilbert Law Summaries: Agency & Partnership LLCsGilbertClick Here Or Click Here


Business Associations

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1683285229Klein, Ramseyer, BainbridgeBusiness Associations, Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, Llcs, and Corporations (University Casebook Series)Foundation PressClick Here
978-1634596008Michael ChasalowBusiness Associations (Acing Series)West AcademicClick Here
978-1634598408David EpsteinLaw School Legends Audio on Business OrganizationsGilbertClick Here


Criminal Procedure

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1634595018Kamisar, LaFave, Israel, King, Kerr, PrimusBasic Criminal ProcedureWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454824831EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: Criminal ProcedureWolters KluwerClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314289452DresslerSum & Substance on Criminal Law (Audio CD)West AcademicClick Here Or Click Here


Real Property

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1454825005French, KorngoldCases and Text on PropertyAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454809159EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: PropertyAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314267252JuergensmeyerSum & Substance on Real Property (Audio CD)West AcademicClick Here Or Click Here



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314264664Rendleman, RobertsRemedies, Cases and MaterialsFoundation PressClick Here Or Click Here
978-1634591591BaumanGilbert Law Summaries: RemediesWestClick Here 
978-0314161109FletcherLaw School Legends Remedies (Audio CD)GilbertClick Here Or Click Here


3rd Year Book List


Civil Procedure

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314280169Friedenthal, Miller, SextonCivil Procedure, Cases and MaterialsWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454840886EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: Civil ProcedureAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-1683284413MillerSum & Substance on Civil Procedure (Audio CD)WestClick Here 
978-1634606073LevineCivil Procedure in CaliforniaWest AcademicClick Here 
978-0314689733Thomson WestCalifornia Code of Civil ProcedureThomson WestClick Here


Constitutional Law

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1628102222RotundaModern Constitutional Law: Cases and NotesWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454881322EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: Constitutional LawWolters KluwerClick Here 
978-1634603607ChehSum & Substance on Constitutional Law (Audio CD)West AcademicClick Here 



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314205162Hamilton, Macey, MollCases and Materials on CorporationsWestClick Here
978-1454824824EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: CorporationsAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-1634592659CoxSum & Substance on Corporations (Audio CD)Thomson WestClick Here Or Click Here



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1609301385Park, FriedmanEvidence, Cases and MaterialsFoundation PressClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454824848EmanuelEmanuel Law Outlines: EvidenceAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-1683285397GoodeSum & Substance on Evidence (Audio CD)WestClick Here 
978-1454851929Miler, LeachFederal & California Evidence Rules 2014-2015AspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314669322Thomson WestCalifornia Evidence Code 2016WestClick Here 


4th Year Book List


Administrative Law

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314285447Mashaw, Merrill, Shane, Magill, Cuellar, ParrilloAdministrative Law Cases and MaterialsWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454870135BeermannEmanuel Law Outlines: Administrative LawAspenClick Here Or Click Here


Community Property

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1454810025BlumbergCommunity Property in CaliforniaAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314152206ReppyGilbert Law Summaries: Community PropertyGilbertClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314267122BirdSum & Substance on Community Property (Audio CD)WestClick Here Or Click Here


Professional Responsibility

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1634592239Schwartz, Wydick, Perschbacher, BassettProblems in Legal EthicsWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-1454868521MoliternoEmanuel Law Outlines: Professional ResponsibilityAspenClick Here



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1454824572DukeminierWills, Trusts, and EstatesAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-1683282563BeyerSum & Substance on Trusts (Audio CD)West AcademicClick Here
978-0314181121HalbachGilbert Law Summaries: TrustsGilbertClick Here Or Click Here



ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1454824572DukeminierWills, Trusts, and EstatesAspenClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314268914JohansonGilbert Law Summaries: WillsGilbertClick Here
978-0314159212BeyerSum & Substance on Wills & Succession (Audio CD)West AcademicClick Here


Electives Book List


Legal Research

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1609300562Barkan, Bintliff, WhisnerFundamentals of Legal ResearchFoundationClick Here Or Click Here
978-1609300579Barkan, Bintliff, Whisner, Phillips, Law StringfellowAssignments to Fundamentals of Legal ResearchFoundationClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314199010BerringSum & Substance on Legal Research (Audio CD)Thomson WestClick Here


Legal Writing

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0195141627GarnerThe Elements of Legal StyleOxford University PressClick Here Or Click Here 
978-1566627931BlockEffective Legal WritingFoundationClick Here Or Click Here 
978-0314290977HonigsbergGilbert Law Summmaries: Legal Research, Writing, and AnalysisGilbertClick Here Or Click Here 
978-1879563858TylerNailing the Bar: How to Write Essay Answers for Law School and Bar ExamsAmerica's LegalClick Here
978-0314199010BracciSum & Substance on Exam Skills: Essay Writing (Audio CD)WestClick Here Or Click Here 
978-1634605120BerringSum & Substance on Legal Research (Audio CD)WestClick Here


Legal Practice

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1634592239Schwartz, Wydick, Perschbacher, BassettProblems in Legal EthicsWestClick Here Or Click Here 
 State Bar of CaliforniaCurrent Rules of Professional Conduct Click Here 
 State Bar of CaliforniaClient Trust Accounting Handbook Click Here 


Professional Skills

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1454830986KriegerEssential Lawyering SkillsAspenClick Here Or Click Here 
978-1590312476FoonbergHow to Start & Build a Law PracticeABAClick Here Or Click Here 
978-0911910193EwaltThrough the Client's Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again and AgainABAClick Here


Legal Document Drafting

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314003256ChildDrafting Legal Documents Principles and PracticesWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-0195141627GarnerThe Elements of Legal StyleOxfordClick Here Or Click Here
978-0314289018GarnerThe Redbook: A Manual on Legal StyleWestClick Here Or Click Here


Trial and Appellate Advocacy

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1601560018ReadWinning at TrialLexisNexisClick Here Or Click Here
B015JVW3FYLubetModern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and PracticeLexisNexisClick Here
978-1422479094Rothschild31 Ways to Winning Advocacy, DVD SeriesLexisNexisClick Here


Medical Jurisprudence

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-1587785177Gostin; Areen; King; Goldberg; JacobsonLaw, Science and Medicine, Third EditionFoundation PressClick Here
978-1401898847Jean M. DennerllMedical Terminology Made Easy Delmar Cengage LearningClick Here
978-0911910193Robert S. PorterThe Merck Manual of Diagnosis and TherapyMerckClick Here
978-0803629776Donald VenesTaber's Cyclopedic Medical DictionaryMerckClick Here


Military Law

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314263575ShanorNational Security and Military Law in a NutshellWestClick Here
978-1632840516SchlueterMilitary Criminal Justice: Practice And Procedure LexisNexisClick Here


Philosophy of Law

ISBNAuthorTitlePublisherClick on Link
978-0314170736ChristieJurisprudence, Text and Readings on the Philosophy of LawWestClick Here Or Click Here
978-0813308487MurphyPhilosophy Of Law: An Introduction To JurisprudenceWestviewClick Here Or Click Here
978-0300001884PoundAn Introduction to the Philosophy of LawYaleClick Here Or Click Here