The Home Study First Year Survival Kit for the Baby Bar

Regular price: $625.00 (plus tax, shipping & handling).

NWCU price: $576.50 (which includes tax, shipping & handling within the United States, International students must contact the FFOL office at 800-529-3926).

The Home Study Survival Kit for the Baby Bar, by Fleming's Fundamentals of Law (FFOL), includes twenty-three hours of CD lecture, 1,100 multiple-choice questions and answers with a study approach, and a three-hour simulated examination. Also included are a 600 page Workbook (two volumes), 173 exam questions and IRAC model answers with a CD review of fifteen practice exams. The student will have the opportunity to write six exams for personal critique by the FFOL attorney staff.

Success on the California First-Year Law Students' Examination (Baby Bar) depends in large part on your success in your First-Year of study in law school, but also involves much in the way of focused review. Concentrated study with the Home Study Survival Kit early in your first year of law school should assist you greatly in achieving success both in your First-Year law studies and on the Baby Bar.

NWCU offers the following guarantee:

If the following requirements are satisfied, NWCU will credit back to the student a total of $150.00 towards tuition for each of the remaining three years of study at NWCU. Net cost to the student for the FFOL Home Study Survival Kit would, therefore, end up being $126.50 (i.e. the NWCU Special Price of $576.50 minus $450.00).

To be entitled to the credit the NWCU student must:

1. Purchase at time of enrollment the Home Study First Year Survival Kit;

2. Write and submit for CD critique to the Fleming's staff all six practice exams assigned prior to sitting for the baby bar exam; and,

3. Take and pass the baby bar exam on the first administration for which you are eligible.

Purchasing the Survival Kit

You can purchase the kit by using the order form once you have access to the NWCU enrollment document site.

Alternatively, you can order it by doing the following:

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2. Choose "Northwestern California University" for Law School;

3. Choose "Other" for Semester;

4. Guesstimate your Bar Date and make a selection;

5. Click "Update Account";

6. Now click on the following link to see the NWCU price Home Study First Year Survival Kit;

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